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The award-winning go-to-market, positioning, and brand agency humanizing technology.

We fuel emotional connections by conveying your purpose and unique value; turning your customers into passionate advocates of your brand.

It’s not just about authentication, it’s about creating frictionless experiences

Its not just about malware, it's about relieving cyber stress

Malwarebytes // 66 Days Back

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It's not just about data, it's about the art of collaboration

Microfocus // The Art of Data Protection

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+ Go to market


FMXA redefines technology go-to-market strategies, infusing a human touch. We transform products by connecting them to real human needs, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring technology resonates on a deeper, emotional level.

  • Market Research (Quant / Qual)
  • Problem Identification & Market Fit
  • Ideal Customer Profile & Persona Development
  • Competitive Landscape and  your white space
  • Sales and Partner Strategy
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+ Positioning


FMXA elevates technology companies with expert positioning and messaging services, infusing a human touch into every narrative. We connect innovation to real human needs, creating compelling stories that resonate.

  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Story
  • Messaging Frameworks
  • Value Messaging
  • Capability Messaging
  • Partner Messaging
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+ Brand


FMXA specializes in brand development for technology companies, reshaping identities with a human touch. We craft narratives that transcend code, connecting innovation to genuine human experiences, fostering lasting connections.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development / Elevation / Refresh
  • Brand / Product Naming
  • Website UX, Design & Development
  • Thought Leadership, Commercial, Sales Enablement, Partner, Investor Content
  • Creative Campaigns
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