Our Campaign Blueprint for Tech Marketing

Conducting campaigns is a vital pillar of marketing, and, done right, can be your key to raising awareness, driving growth and launching into new markets. But all too often, once content has been sent out and any leads have been passed over to the sales team, you find that the results of the campaign aren’t quite what you expected. Maybe you went disturbingly over budget, attracted leads that are less than ideal, or found that prospects weren’t willing to engage past the initial stages. It’s a waste of your time and without a doubt a waste of your marketing budget.

Putting disappointing campaigns behind you means setting out your goals, tactics, and strategy early, and making sure that every individual knows their role in the process. In other words, using a bespoke and carefully-mapped campaign blueprint.

66 Days back - campaign blueprint
Malwarebytes - 66 Days back campaign blueprint

What is a campaign blueprint?

A campaign blueprint graphically lays out the elements of a marketing campaign to identify:

  1. The strategic goals of the entire campaign
  2. The purpose of each campaign step
  3. How each stage maps to your goals
  4. What each member of your team needs to do within each stage
  5. A rough timeline of your campaign

However it’s presented, your campaign blueprint should act as a master document throughout campaign planning and execution, reflecting your goals, forecasted results, audience information, timeline, and budget.

Larger and more strategic activities like giveaways, landing pages, and events are called “Fulcrum” elements, and are often the most detailed part of your campaign blueprint. All initiatives designed to drive action towards Fulcrum elements are then labeled as “Levers”, and initiatives that take place after an action, such as thank you emails or retargeted ads, are called “Outcomes.” Using these three elements (illustrated on the diagram below), you can capture the precise workflows you need to plan and execute your campaign successfully.

Campaign Blueprint - Fulcrums & Levers
Campaign Blueprint - Fulcrums & Levers


FMXA’s campaign blueprint

So, how do we create our campaign blueprints? At FMXA, we believe that for campaigns to be successful, they need to consider the entire path to purchase, truly resonate with the end customer, and stand for something more than the technology, elevating you above your competitors. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our campaign blueprints make an effort to understand your customers and create bespoke strategic activities, backed up by research, all integrated into your sales process.

Our blueprints take into account three key considerations:

Your customers

Connecting with your customers in the right way is the key to a successful campaign. We combine extensive research with our experience in the tech industry to understand not just who the customer is, but how they buy from you, and why they might be reluctant to. Beyond understanding the individuals you’re targeting, we make an effort to map the entire ecosystem of contacts within an account, from the C-Suite to Analysts and channel partners.

Innovative engagement

Our campaigns evolve as the industry evolves, tapping into the current conversations and pain points that your customers have, whether that’s through giveaways, reports, personalized videos, or intimate events. We never settle for copy-and-paste emails and LinkedIn messages; we personalize your outreach to each persona, ensuring that you evoke the emotions you want to evoke.

Crafting one cohesive journey

By nurturing the customer with personalized content throughout their entire path to purchase, making the buyers’ journey one cohesive and seamless experience. We ensure that your customer, sales team, and channel partners have everything they need to successfully execute the entire campaign, from sales collateral to design templates. This helps your business move away from rushed, short-term campaigns and toward longer-term campaigns that build up and back up your brand.

Our campaign experience

By pulling together our experience in brand development and content creation, as well as our in-depth tech industry knowledge, our campaign blueprint ensures that what we do creatively stands out and engages with your customer's emotions. And we make sure we do this without deviating from your brand story or diluting important technical messaging.

But don’t take our word for it. We’ve conducted multiple creative campaigns for our innovative tech clients, like this one that shone a light on CISOs’ mental health and this one that likened cybersecurity to the flesh of an avocado. Our ‘66 days back’ campaign for Malwarebytes even won us The Drum’s B2B For Good award in 2021.

Let us chat you through the FMXA campaign blueprint in more detail. Get in touch for a chat about our services and how they fit into your business plans.

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