As a tech company, your business and its people are constantly scaling and shifting. With hypergrowth no longer favored by investors, and sustainable profitability now a top priority, building the right team and marketing plan is fundamental. But this takes time — time that startup and scale-up companies don’t have enough of. By outsourcing your marketing efforts, you have access to an external base that works for you, but is employed by us. This way, you have the cost and work benefits of a dedicated in-house team, without the operational and managerial complexity.


What are the benefits of outsourcing your marketing team?


Speed to scale

With an outsourced marketing team, you are immediately equipped with a base of fully-trained professionals that are ready to help you achieve your marketing goals. The team supports you in brand and messaging development pre-launch, before dropping in dedicated professionals as and when you need them, whether it be for PR, events, channel marketing, or digital services. Without wasting time finding and hiring multiple individuals (the average time-to-fill is now 76 days in the US), you can focus on scaling quickly and safely.


Building your own marketing team can eat up profits fast. The average CMO salary is around $400,000, for Product Marketing Managers it’s $150,000, and digital marketers’ salaries are around $70,000 per year. And even with this team in place, most organizations still employ a marketing agency to supplement their efforts. By using an outsourced marketing base, you pay less for an external team that is still ingrained in your organization.

Outsourcing reduces the cost of employee pensions, healthcare, marketing tools, and product licences. After defining exactly who you need and when you need them, you no longer need to pay salaries for professionals who are idle during a quieter period.

Enterprise-level marketing for startups

Outsourcing your marketing team means you never have to compromise on the freelancers and agencies you work with. With a pre-hired and pre-trained team, you have access to passionate, dedicated professionals that have experience with some of the largest and most established players in tech. By drawing on well-established contacts and relationships within the tech industry, you can fill any knowledge or talent gaps within your business, reducing the existing team’s workload. With this expertise at your fingertips, even as a startup, you can market your offering at the same level as industry leaders, allowing you to scale faster.

Business focus

Your organization is more effective when your goals are consistent. Using multiple disparate freelancers and marketing agencies can convolute your marketing efforts, leading to inconsistencies. Outsourcing to a unified external base ensures that all marketing is consistent and the daily stresses of managing a team are alleviated. No long-term commitments to employees, no worries over attrition rates – just the assurance that your company is growing collectively.


Use advanced technology expertise to stay up to date on the latest marketing and technology trends. By tailoring your brand, messaging, and campaigns to incorporate emerging and evolving marketing and technology trends, you can ensure that you’re always relevant and speaking directly to your customers. Your outsourced marketing base will also be able to adapt to your business as it scales up and down, deploying professionals as you need them and reducing as you grow to hire internally.

FMXA [BASE] acts as your ready-made marketing department, providing you with a cross-functional team of technology strategists, copywriters, designers, and digital experts. [BASE] takes the Managed Services model used in industries like IT, law, and HR and applies it to your marketing, allowing you to focus on what matters: your tech.

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More than ever, both startups and scale-ups need to stay agile, find product-market fit, and build credibility fast. The era of hypergrowth is coming to an end and, according to Sequoia, the focus is shifting to long-term profitability. In short, the ‘move fast and break things’ mentality is no longer being rewarded by investors. In light of this market shift, emerging tech companies are looking to maximize annual recurring revenue in the safest way possible, all while lowering burn rates and OpEx.

At FMXA, we work with some of the world’s largest and most innovative tech brands. Through our experience with both established market leaders and companies in their earliest stages, we saw the demand for agility and profitability unfolding in real time. And while startups and scale-ups know how important marketing is, many don’t realize the diversity of skills needed to market their product efficiently and effectively. The traditional model involves hiring complete in-house marketing teams, who often defer tasks to agencies anyway, accumulating huge costs. Businesses that want to remain agile need a more cost-efficient and flexible solution to support their marketing functions.

Recognizing this shift, we knew we needed to expand FMXA’s capabilities to support startups and scale-ups, hence our recent acquisition of The Favorite Co. in New York City and the launch of our brand new offering, [BASE].

[BASE] unites the capabilities of both FMXA and The Favorite Co., helping innovative Seed to Series X companies drive growth, save money, and reduce risk.


What is FMXA [BASE]?

[BASE] is an extension of your marketing team. It’s the cost-efficient and agile way that we support you on your journey from