Adarma // Together We’ve Got This

It’s not just about cybersecurity, it’s about finding a strong market position

The Company

Adarma is one of the largest independent cybersecurity service providers in the UK. Previously known as ECS Security, Adarma is run by veteran senior security leaders with clients across FTSE 350 organizations from all industry sectors.

The Challenge

After ECS underwent a management buyout in conjunction with Livingbridge, we were tasked with developing a new brand identity and company name in just 12 weeks. In order to successfully launch Adarma into the marketplace, we quickly and efficiently established the market, what set the company apart, and what its long-term business ambitions were.


Humanizing Technology

After swiftly establishing the correct market positioning, we designed a brand identity that could effectively support all business objectives and built an engaging and informative website for Adarma’s launch. The name ‘Adarma’ is derived from the Latin ‘call to arms’, reflecting their Scottish heritage and their company values of strength and protection, which we carried across into Adarma’s shield logo. By creating a brand identity that stood apart from other players in the market and from ECS, Adarma could successfully grow their offering and elevate their position within the industry.


Logo Design
Brand Patterns
GTM Positioning
Site Design

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