Arkera // Machine Learning, Human Thinking

It’s not just about machine learning, it’s about building trust with domain expertise

The Company

Arkera combines decades of Top 5 quant hedge fund and banking knowledge with smart neuro-linguistic programming to identify relevant intelligence, structure hypotheses and deliver near complete, near perfect financial intelligence.

The Challenge

Financial analysts are overwhelmed with structured and unstructured data and need to make quick decisions on emerging markets in numerous languages. Arkera, an innovative AI company catering exclusively to this sector, uses machine learning to aggregate this data and deliver relevant and comprehensible intelligence to analysts. We were tasked with creating a new brand identity and producing a suite of investor assets for Arkera.

Akera Website Design
Akera Website Design

Humanizing Technology

Rather than leading with the technology, we decided to cater the brand to overwhelmed analysts in top financial institutions. We focused on Arkera’s ability to speed up analysts’ decision-making process, and its effect on productivity and revenue. By building a brand that was created by bankers, for bankers, we highlighted Arkera’s key point of difference, their domain expertise. We purposely avoided AI cliches in messaging and imagery, focusing instead on use cases and using financial services’ language that customers would respond to, rather than commonplace tech language. Arkera’s launch was featured in The Economist and several other large finance publications, all assets were provided for the World Economic Forum, and the traction created supported their funding round and eventual exit.


Sales Deck
Investor Deck

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