Centripetal // Trust is Everything

It’s not just about threat detection, it’s about developing trust beyond the technology

The Company

Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET service works at massive scale and machine speed to dynamically shield businesses from every known cyber threat identified by the global threat intelligence community.

Centripetal Desktop Site
Centripetal Desktop Site

The Challenge

It’s easy for cybersecurity vendors to settle for stereotypes in their messaging and imagery, but an over-reliance on cold imagery or abstract graphics doesn’t communicate the technology’s value to customers. Centripetal wanted to overhaul their brand and sales & marketing content to ensure their product, CleanINTERNET, stood out within a busy and homogenous market.

A provider of comprehensive and aggregated threat intelligence, Centripetal’s mission is to offer enterprise-class security to customers of all sizes and industries. The organization wanted to consistently communicate this through their brand messaging and imagery with an aim to expand globally, focusing on their ability to solve human challenges within their target verticals.

Humanizing Technology

In an end-to-end brand refresh, we developed Centripetal’s website, ongoing content, imagery, and sales assets with people at the center, building a consistent message that stood out from competitors and enabled global expansion. With a new strapline, ‘Trust is Everything’, the brand used bold colors to break security stereotypes and express power and stability. By creating vertical specific content including blogs, infographics, and case studies, we could speak directly to the pain points of cybersecurity professionals, focusing on the technology’s power to alleviate the cybersecurity skills gap and ease the burden on internal SecOps teams.


Site Design
Sales Deck
Monthly Blogs
Social Media
Animation + Video Production

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