CyberSN // Pwn Your Career

It’s not just about recruitment, it’s about finding a career you love

The Company

CyberSN is the industry’s leading career and staffing firm solely focused on the cybersecurity talent industry. Catering to both professionals and hiring teams, CyberSN provides the expertise and tools to maximize job satisfaction, team performance, diversity, and retention.


The Challenge

The cybersecurity industry is suffering from a severe shortage of skilled professionals. CyberSN wanted to address the labor shortage in a way that could appeal to both active and passive jobs seekers effectively. With a mission to improve diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity industry, CyberSN were looking to reposition their established staffing agency as an HR tech platform, launching a unique brand identity to support their newly-developed job matching platform.


Humanizing Technology

Searching for a job and hiring a professional is extremely personal. With the frustrations of cybersecurity professionals in mind, we developed a brand identity that spoke directly to CyberSN’s customers and their challenges. By centering all copy, visual assets, and marketing collateral around supporting diversity and inclusion, we established the brand’s empathy and sensitivity, ultimately encouraging professionals to do more than settle in a role; to own their career.

We developed a first-of-its-kind resource center that gave both job seekers and hiring teams access to aggregated career advice, hiring information, training courses, and more. Additionally, we created a unique career pathing tool that uses a taxonomy of 45 cyber role categories to map every user's career. CyberSN’s rebrand culminated in a keynote speech and a successful launch at Black Hat 2021.


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