Microfocus // The Art of Data Protection

It's not just about data, it's about the art of collaboration

The Company:

Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers, helping customers worldwide manage core business IT elements such as Application Delivery, IT Transformation, and Cyber Resilience.

The Challenge:

Data touches every part of an organization, from Security Analysts to the legal team to marketing and sales. One department can’t tackle data privacy and protection alone and large organizations often work in silos when managing their data. Micro Focus realized that in order to be successful in protecting and managing their data, departments need to collaborate and form a unified approach.

Humanizing Technology:

In creating the “Art of Data Privacy” content, FMXA took a more human approach to data privacy and protection. We identified every persona involved with data, from Compliance Officers to Marketing Executives, and came up with a cohesive narrative around the importance of collaboration. From here we developed a brochure, infographics, blogs, pitch cards, and a master sales deck. The content drew upon emotive images and focused on bringing people together and securing organizations throughout the entire data lifecycle. By specifying that data privacy is only possible through effective collaboration, we added a human touch to Micro Focus’ technical messaging.


White Papers
Sales Deck / Brochure
Pitch Cards

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