SecureAuth // Arculix

It’s not just about authentication, it’s about creating frictionless experiences

The Company

SecureAuth is an identity solution that enables the most secure and flexible authentication experience for employees and customers. SecureAuth simply lets the right people in and keeps the wrong people out, providing the highest level of security throughout each user’s digital journey.

Secureauth Desktop


The Challenge

In 2021, established authentication provider SecureAuth acquired Acceptto, an emerging leader in passwordless authentication. To reflect the unification of their offerings, the SecureAuth team were looking to develop a cohesive message and visual identity, including a new name for the integrated product. As well as aligning with their acquisition, the SecureAuth team wanted to demonstrate how their next-generation authentication solution was growing and evolving.


Humanizing Technology

There’s nothing more personal than your identity. So to refresh SecureAuth’s existing brand, which focused on architecture and abstract imagery, we wanted to pursue a more emotive and human brand direction. In order for the team to understand their product, their customers, and their differentiators, we held collaborative Go-To-Market positioning workshops that established their ideal customer profiles and key selling points. Following this, we held a series of messaging workshops to build out SecureAuth’s brand prism, messaging pillars, and value statements. Through this, we aimed to humanize messaging by focusing on users’ unique ‘digital DNA’ and continuous ‘digital journey’.

We then moved on to developing SecureAuth’s visual identity around their new brand ethos: providing access to the right users, at the right time – at all times. Imagery was focused on users in natural settings and the convergence of real lives and digital lives, featuring themes of DNA throughout. The DNA aspect was also highlighted in SecureAuth’s new product name, Arculix, a fusion of Arculus, the Roman God of lockboxes, and helix, tying back to their proprietary digital DNA based solution.


GTM Positioning
Persona Development
Brand Strategy
Messaging Development
Visual Identity Development
Bank of Brand Images
Product Name Development
Style Guides

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