Fueling profitable growth for startups and scale-ups

More than ever, both startups and scale-ups need to stay agile, find product-market fit, and build credibility fast. The era of hypergrowth is coming to an end and, according to Sequoia, the focus is shifting to long-term profitability. In short, the ‘move fast and break things’ mentality is no longer being rewarded by investors. In light of this market shift, emerging tech companies are looking to maximize annual recurring revenue in the safest way possible, all while lowering burn rates and OpEx.

At FMXA, we work with some of the world’s largest and most innovative tech brands. Through our experience with both established market leaders and companies in their earliest stages, we saw the demand for agility and profitability unfolding in real time. And while startups and scale-ups know how important marketing is, many don’t realize the diversity of skills needed to market their product efficiently and effectively. The traditional model involves hiring complete in-house marketing teams, who often defer tasks to agencies anyway, accumulating huge costs. Businesses that want to remain agile need a more cost-efficient and flexible solution to support their marketing functions.

Recognizing this shift, we knew we needed to expand FMXA’s capabilities to support startups and scale-ups, hence our recent acquisition of The Favorite Co. in New York City and the launch of our brand new offering, [BASE].

[BASE] unites the capabilities of both FMXA and The Favorite Co., helping innovative Seed to Series X companies drive growth, save money, and reduce risk.


What is FMXA [BASE]?

[BASE] is an extension of your marketing team. It’s the cost-efficient and agile way that we support you on your journey from finding Product-Market Fit to Scaling, building a powerful base for you to grow from.

We help to:

Find Product-Market Fit:

Our GTM, positioning and messaging work defines your brand story and its unique narrative, demonstrating your product’s value to your customers.

Develop a Credible Brand:

We create a brand that your customers and investors can trust. After establishing brand credibility and personality, your business can launch with cohesive product UX across your website, marketing, and sales content.

Establish Marketing Operations

Having the right foundation for data and analytics is crucial to scaling. We support a range of CRM and Marketing platforms including Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, and Google Analytics, and we’re a HubSpot Certified Partner. We support you in platform comparison, selection, and implementation, also offering solutions for integrations, lead scoring and routing, training, and sales.

Raise Awareness & Growth:

We support sustainable customer acquisition and retention by launching your product to the right audience and conducting relevant and targeted ongoing campaigns, aligned to your business objectives.

Scale Capabilities:

[BASE] is an extension of your marketing department, providing a cross-functional team of technology strategists, copywriters, designers, and digital experts, as well as fractional CMO services. With [BASE] you can avoid expensive hiring processes and focus on what matters: your tech.


We work closely with both private equity and venture capital firms. [BASE] facilitates your introduction to this wider investment community, as well as Deloitte’s Innovation Labs.

Support for seed companies and investors

In addition, we support seed companies with specialist packages that are provided on a cash/equity/split basis, including funding round support. This allows businesses at the beginning of their funding journey to avoid wasting valuable revenue and business time on hurried marketing. With FMXA as an extension of the founding team, seed companies can focus on what matters: their tech.

[BASE] also supports investors by providing post M&A GTM and positioning, internationalization, brand pivoting, marketing capability audits, and more. Without the burden of marketing and brand development, investors can focus on ensuring agility and profit, with FMXA driving sustained growth and keeping burn rates lower.

For more information about [BASE] and its benefits for startups, scale-ups, seed companies, and investors get in touch with our team.

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Fueling profitable growth for startups and scale-ups

More than ever, both startups and scale-ups need to stay agile, find product-market fit, and build credibility fast. The era of hypergrowth is coming to...

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