The Importance of Humanizing Technology

From artificial intelligence and biotech to smart homes, IoT, and the metaverse, technology is one of the fastest-growing and fastest-evolving industries, cementing itself as part of everything we do and experience.

This rapid growth is encouraging innovation, fuelling unique ideas and bringing new players to the market. But with competition intensifying, the need for tech vendors to differentiate, engage, and build trust with their customers is becoming more important than ever.


The need to humanize technology

All too often tech organizations aren’t empathizing with their customers, either opting to take a product-focused approach, or heavily diluting all-important technical messaging. And with concerns around the impact of technology such as privacy and automation increasing, organizations need to better convey not just who they are, but how they benefit and work in partnership with people.


“Throughout my years in the cybersecurity industry, I noticed a lack of emotion in the way solutions were marketed and sold. A lot of vendors choose to emphasize the features and benefits of their technology, using very technical language and ultimately battling with long sales cycles and complex buying journeys. All customers want is to be understood and spoken to like a human being, so it was obvious to me that this human touch was missing from tech marketing.”
- Alisha Dattani, CEO at FMXA


How we do it

At FMXA, we want to change the way tech companies talk to their customers. We do this by taking a customer-first approach, considering their emotions, needs, and behavior whether they are the CIO of a Fortune 500 company or a teenager downloading their first banking app. We then ensure that we appeal to these emotions and form a powerful connection with every customer.


And as technology marketing is all we do, we can demonstrate empathy with customers without diluting any of your technical messaging. We know the industry inside-out and share a passion for technology, which enables us to effectively define who your customers are, how to speak to them, and what their challenges are. Our experience also allows us to come up with innovative and unconventional ideas, making our brands, campaigns, and content stand apart from the rest of the industry.


“By focusing on building emotional connections, we enable tech companies to demonstrate empathy toward the personal challenges of their customers. Not only does this make clear the specific problems you’re solving, but it also allows you to personalize your brand to specific decision-makers, fostering stronger brand loyalty that turns customers into advocates.”
- Yamit Dattani, CSO


Our human-first approach

We carry this ethos through our three distinct service areas: Brand, Content, and Campaigns. Our brands are built to convey your purpose and unique story in a way that best reaches your customer, ensuring you stand for more than just your product. We strive to create content that enhances the trust your customers have in you, fueling creative and new conversations. And our campaigns effectively cut through the noise, speaking directly to the emotions of the customer.


Our human-first approach earned us the first-ever The Drum B2B For Good award in 2021, awarded for our “66 Days Back” campaign with Malwarebytes. The “66 Days Back” campaign recognized the challenges of stress within cybersecurity and aimed to open up the conversation around the mental toll that malware has on cyber professionals. Our messaging confronted topics that traditional cybersecurity providers shy away from, emphasizing the importance of mental health in cyber and highlighting the people behind the technology.


By building your brand, content, and campaigns to emotionally resonate, you stand for something more than your technology, stand apart from your competitors, and your customers understand and trust in the value you bring. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be working in the industry right now, so we can’t wait to see, and be a part of, the new and inspiring ways that tech will impact people worldwide.


Humanizing your technology

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The Importance of Humanizing Technology

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